e-mail: woodply@bk.ru

Adress: Russia, Kostroma region, Kostroma, Yakimaniha district, 19a

Phone.: +7 (4942) 46-13-14

About us

«Russian Biofuel» Limited Liability Company is production and trade organization; it is engaged in production and trading environmentally friendly types of fuel. Our product is combination of modern equipment, high-quality materials and full compliance with the production technology. Using a birch and coniferous breeds of wood as raw materials, we make briquettes RUF (birch), Piny Kay, pellets, and firewood.
- «Russian Biofuel Company» was established in 2010;
- in the company work more than 60 experts;
- 2 factories of briquettes in the Kostroma and Kirov regions.
Cooperating with us except a quality product you receive also full range of services: conclusion of the contract, customs clearance, sending production to the end user. Own factory and office buildings, warehouses and truck fleet of the new auto MAN allow us to work with large volumes of deliveries all the year round. Already today briquettes and pellets from Russia are realized in Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and Poland. The geography of sales grows every day. Besides, "Russian Biofuel Company" is a constant supplier in various DIY networks.